at this height, but not yet in it fullness (Vleeshal)

Commissioned by Vleeshal and in collaboration with Zeeland Airport, Myrthe van der Mark presented the performance at this height, but not yet in its fullness, inspired by the existing elements at the airport. The choreography partly took place on the runway of the airport, intriguingly intertwining specific processes of communication, maintenance, and language in a dynamic game of movement.

The performance took place on November 25 during the ‘golden hour’ from 3.45 to 4.45 pm at Zeeland Airport. The performance could also to be followed remotely through the webcam of the airport. Stills of the video registration of the webcam footage below.

Curated by Adriënne van der Werf
Presented Zeeland Airport

at this height, but not yet in it fullness

A single title for all my upcoming performances and shows that take place in 2023 - in between brackets where the work will be presented or performed.