PERFORMANCE AND ROOM-SIZED INSTALLATION with a.o. orange shelter rescue camping tent, memory foam, daylight therapy, Belladonna drops

at this height, but not yet in its fullness (STUK)

The work, for which the title is derived from Aldous Huxley's ‘The Doors of Perception’, is part of a growing body of work developed around ideas of metamorphosis and form-changing. The performance in collaboration with Joachim Badenhorst is derived from the Mazdaznan breathing exercises. The focus lies on body-related rituals, singing with rhythmic movements and various bodily cleansing procedures.

Curated by Karen Verschooren
Presented Kunstencentrum STUK

at this height, but not yet in it fullness

A single title for all my upcoming performances and shows that take place in 2023 - in between brackets where the work will be presented or performed.