March 1 - May 18, 2024
(performance and installation)
Cc Strombeek, Girl lives in the village. Sculptress. If you must know., Strombeek (BE)
March 15 - June 9, 2024
(performance and installation)
8th Yokohoma Triennale, Wild Grass: Our Lives, Yokohama (JPN)
June 15 - 23, 2024
(group show) 
M12, wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen, Ronse (BE)
June 29, 2024
MuZEE & KAAP, De Langste Dag, Oostende (BE)

PERFORMANCE / ROOM-SIZED INSTALLATION with a.o. orange shelter rescue camping tent, memory foam, daylight therapy light, Belladonna drops, music compositions and recordings made by Joachim Badenhorst during the 3-days performances at the 8th Yokohama Triennale


The title is derived from the exhibition The Ecstatic Being — a group exhibition at STUK in Leuven, June 2023 — for which Van der Mark was commissioned. The performance and installation are part of a growing body of work developed around ideas of metamorphosis and form-changing. The performance in collaboration with Joachim Badenhorst is derived from the Mazdaznan teachings. The focus lies on body-related rituals, singing with rhythmic movements and re-channel internal energies. The objects in the installation are residues or traces from the performances held on March 14 -16.

Curated by Liu Ding & Carol Yinghua Lu
Presented Yokohama Musem of Art
Yokohama, Japan


Girl lives in the village. Sculptress. If you must know.

The orange atmosphere experienced when entering the exhibition is the result of a distinct range of wavelengths within the visible spectrum. The name of this colour is derived from the homonymous fruit, which procures this colour from carotenes, a photosynthetic pigment that converts sunlight into chemical energy. In fact, while we call the fruit orange, it actually retains every other colour whilst rejecting the orange frequency. The colour orange is associated with fire, energy, amusement, danger, extraversion and the unconventional, as well as with taste and aroma. Next to being an important colour in Hinduism and Buddhism, it has a well established connection with the Netherlands through the House of Orange. The current chromatic circumstances are presumed to be connected to the origins of the girl in question.

While the basis of the module has been made orange, an adjacent separate space emits pure white light. Two separate growing processes integrate the pigments dissolved into the water: the creation of a crystal structure, and the absorption by the vascular system of the carnations. The organic and mineral kingdoms depicting the dance of the spheres.

Skylight domes are produced from thermoformed polycarbonate, and intended to allow natural zenith light into vast interior spaces. Optimal lighting in buildings is an essential factor for physical and mental performance. In the absence of daylight, the constellation of artificially illuminated skylights presented reveals a variety of inner worlds. Each separate sphere contains the fruits of a different participating person, the Doors of Perception copied on their own printer, each page with personal annotations. Finally the filled forms are scanned into the mother machine, back into the hive mind.

Myrthe van der Mark retraces the hidden pathways of ancient teachings in her elusive practice. Using seemingly trivial elements we encounter in daily life, she triggers presence of mind in the present moment through the evocation of distant times and places. Researching texts devised to guide us out of the psychic entanglement with the abstract concepts that slowly cemented the fortifications of our worldview into a gilded cage, an entropic network started to unfold.

Scattered around the world wide web, labyrinthine libraries and sacred spaces of social harmony, rumours of Mazdaznan leading from the Temple Association through the Brotherhood to the occult origins of Bauhaus crossed with parallel paths. Traces of Bas Jan Ader’s ultimate expedition via Ouspensky’s writings and The Fourth Way by Gurdjieff’s legacy to Theosophy, Sufism and Tantrism. Having had an Anthroposophical education incorporated into a performing arts initiation herself, the resonance of these complementary voices started synchronizing into a transcendental (celestial) choir.

Upon reading Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, we come across the first page, dedicated: ‘For M’. Myrthe accepted the Gift of several dozens of friends, relatives and different people encountered  by chance along the way, who each marked their passage through the pages of this remarkable document in their own particular style, from their personal perspective, connecting the specific to the universal in their own individual  form.

Excerpt of the exhibition text by Petrus Paklons

Curated by Charlotte Crevits
Presented Cc Strombeek



For Beyond the Black Box, Myrthe van der Mark presented a new performance and room-sized installation on both the ephemeralness and sturdiness of life.

Through this work, Van der Mark explored the symbolism of braids, the colours of mourning, accompanying scents, flower arrangements, architectural clothing, accessories, tableware and small, elaborate hair works. Touching upon the world of object and speech, Van der Mark weaved together contemporary life, as if it was a non-narrative film with its own laws. A landscape, a portrait, a still life. In collaboration with Joachim Badenhorst.

Curated by Lisa Wiegel
Presented de Brakke Grond


at this height, but not yet in it fullness (Vleeshal)

Commissioned by Vleeshal and in collaboration with Zeeland Airport, Myrthe van der Mark presented the performance at this height, but not yet in its fullness, inspired by the existing elements at the airport. The choreography partly took place on the runway of the airport, intriguingly intertwining specific processes of communication, maintenance, and language in a dynamic game of movement.

The performance took place on November 25 during the ‘golden hour’ from 3.45 to 4.45 pm at Zeeland Airport. The performance could also to be followed remotely through the webcam of the airport. Stills of the video registration of the webcam footage below.

Curated by Adriënne van der Werf
Presented Zeeland Airport

at this height, but not yet in it fullness

A single title for all my upcoming performances and shows that take place in 2023 - in between brackets where the work will be presented or performed.


at this height, but not yet in it fullness (MDD)

Myrthe van der Mark performs at this height, but not yet in it fullness (MDD) especially for the museum, working with rituals, life cycles, and the four classical elements.

Curated by Laurens Otto
Presented Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens


at this height, but not yet in it fullness

A single title for all my performances and shows that take place in 2023 -
in between brackets where the work will be presented or performed.