Built with Berta

    2019, artist book, collages made from found footage, black fineliner, based on ‘The Then Set Here Place As And’ (2017)
    20 x 28 [48] pp. 

    Of words and concepts on a space made of paper. ‘Sculpture for Determining Perfect' is a book with a collection of utterances, ideas and images that imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it. 



  2. Sculpture for Determining Perfect

  3. (Action)
    Two ways of understandig the performativity of art: as a way of intervening in the world, which changes it, makes things happen, generates experiences, including those of knowledge and emotion, and the art of performance, which is made through actions, creating events, and is heir to the theater. 

  4. Because things repeat themselves,
    or a falling in love with the medium: 

  5. The fact of having gotten

  6. This weakness is the fundamental question.
    Is this weakness, I ask, a manifestation

    The fascination with technique led to document processes that are primarily governed by randomness. of objectivity and control over the elements. The yearn-ing to unite art and life leads to performance: art in the act, as fleeting and ungraspable as life itself. and expresses the naked essence of the performative capacity of artistic practice. The solution of aesthetic problems that are the results of a question implicit in the content of the piece, occurs as a consequence of of a wet piece of paper stuck in an interchangeable manner. The reference to sculpture in all this process is clear; that only the intimate and almost instinctive knowledge of a determined activity can give.

    What we understood as a
    that is vaguely understood is that art is either

    by a ridiculously small number of people, all of them pert 

    nobody asks 

  7. things no longer have a beginning nor

  8. to analyse the relationships In the case of the exercise of id

  9. The mechanisms leading the artist to make shared events totally devoid of emotion are perceived.

  10. judging by what has been seen thus far, the only thing the arrival became definitively obsolete

  11. Which is 
    of absorbing. 

    ,and simultaneously as a container of ideas that deserve to have
    transformational impact in the public arena. This impact is what gives it its political
    telling a story.
    might read some pieces, then, as a form of narrative writing. A writing in space also related
    to poetry, ever since the early sculptural poem 

  12. neves loses sight of the fact that it is there in
    order to represent something else, a the service of a discourse. That's why he doesn't 

  13. sacred imagery,
    that identify the presence
    of semantic

    the plantery model of the atom is
    representation of the human brain.