Built with Berta

    2019, video, duration: 4 minutes

    In the video 'I Told You Everything Would Be Alright, Harry' I started to create material, in which the personifications of characters are a narrative of the domestic environment, where I toy around with plasticine, flexing my bitchiness on underground queer hip-hop, claiming my own use of my body. The sculpting movements are in between massaging and shaping, the candles calming and dangerous, while going in and out of oneself, wondering how to become a sculpture instead of statue. The strong hip-hop music embodies the oppositions I feel and express how I work with intuition and impulsivity. As part of the work of self observation and self study this study involves the act of shapeshifting and  metamorphosis: a process that goes from an entity that is one thing to an entity that is another. It is essentially narrative. There is a certain two-ness in metamorphosis: the transformation goes from one being or species into another, and the relative weight or presence of the two entities suggests we are in the story.




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