Myrthe van der Mark


    Myrthe Christianne van der Mark 
    22.12.1989, Zeist, The Netherlands


    Myrthe van der Mark’s practice is rooted in text, film 
    and performance. In her first performances 
    she executes orders by one of the participants. 
    Her work balances on the line between film and performance,
    taking parts of both fields 
    and intermingling live with staged,
    actor with director, subject with camera. 



    current  Master in Theatre, Toneelacademie Maastricht

        Propaedeutics Drama - Directing, Royal Institute for Theatre, Brussels


    2012      Internship Jan Fabre, Antwerp


    2012      BA Fine Arts, ArtEZ Arnhem (NL)




    2018      Performer, Lost Places, by Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola, Het Entrepot, Bruges


    2018      Actress, De Twaalf, television series, directed by Wouter Bouvijn


    2018      Performer / dancer, The Flora Miranda Show, by Flora Miranda and Arco Renz, Fashion Week Haute Couture, Paris (FR)  


    2018      Leading actress, Fruit Du Pecher, w/ Thomas Pevenage, short movie directed by Anouk Fortunier and Laura Van Haecke


    2016      Performer for Romeo Castellucci, deSingel, Antwerp


    2016      Performer, The Flying Dutchman, by Tatjana Gürbaca, Vlaamse Opera, Antwerp


    2016      Performer, The Common People, by Jan Martens, deSingel, Antwerp


    2016      Performer / Editor, Maak Los Die Toue / No More Need For, videoclips for singer / songwriter Annari Breed


    2016      Performer, Serial Drummer Girls, by Koen Theys, deSingel, Antwerp


    2013      Performance Vita Activa, by Daniel Linehan, deSingel, Antwerp (workshop)


    2011      Performer, Performance Project, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (NL)




    2013       Chapter, Galerie Martin Van Blerk, Antwerp (performance, screening, photography and books)



    2019                        Group Show, curated by Wouter Van Loo, w/ Benny Van den Meulengracht Vrancx, Vedran Kopljar, Maika Garnica, CMMC,...


    2013                        Series, Curated by Koen van den Broek and Adriaan Raemdonck, Zuiderpershuis (photography and screening)


    2013                        Monumental, Beeldende Kunstenfestival Ithaka21, Leuven (screening)


    2013                        The White Rabbit, w/ Anke Rymemans, OPEK, Leuven, (drawings and photography)


    2012                        Graduation Show, IT’S ALL ABOUT US, ArtEZ Arnhem (NL) (performance, screening and books) 


    2011                        Heartbeats, w/ Emanuel Engelen, Focus Filmtheater, Arnhem (NL) (screening) 


    2010                        World Expo, "City One Minutes/ Ardes, w/ Ruud Borgart, Jo Buch, Beatrijs Dikker, Rose Dimiioniatis, Emanuel Engelen, Shanghai (CN) (screening)




    2015                        Personal Space, w/ Ellen Vanderstraeten, Multitude, Antwerp (performance)          


    2013                        Destillaat 14, Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL) (screening and books) 




    2013                        BNP Paribas Fortis Artistic Young Talent Award, Brussels


    2013                        Flying Solo Performance Festival, MC Theatre, Amsterdam (NL)



    2017                        Short Stories, Paul Tucker Personal Training Studio, Brussels (performance, video and objects)


                            Friends call me Gass, /’haɪə en (nʊ)/ Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp (performance)


    2018                        A Segment of Time, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent (performance)


    2017                        Friends call me Gass, Official Performance Programme Manchester, represented by Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, (UK) (perfomance)


    2017                        Hugo, LUAD, DE Studio, Antwerp (performance)


    2016                        The Marriage of Will & Would, Poppositions 2016, Brussels (performance)


    2016                        These things take time, performance, These Things Take Time, Ghent (performance)

                            Jean Jacques Kakkerlak, Artenova, curated by Evelyn Simons, w/ Ria Pacquée, Elias Cafmeyer, William Ludwig Lutgens, Philippe Van Wolputte,...D.ART, Mechelen (performance & screening)


    2016                        They have to learn to fight with those sticks whithout hurt each other, durational chatbox, Curated by Weekly (online exhibition)


    2015                        Beautifuel, P/ART Producers Art Fair, Hamburg (DE) (performance)


    2015                        Scientia Potentia Est, Poppositions 2015, Brussels (performance)


    2015                        The Unknown Titanic Child, The weight of water depends on it's temperature, w/ Haseeb Ahmed & Daniel G. Baird, PeterKristinn, Paris Texas, Antwerp (performance)


    2015                        Terpentine Terrarium, We will never surrender, w/ Ken Verhoeven, Vedran Kopljar, Nel Aerts,... curated by Tom Poelmans, The Bries Space, Antwerp (performance)


     2015                        Location #2, Wo Meine Sonne Scheint, Canned Laughter, Humor in Crisis, curated by Pieter Vermeulen, w/ Marijke de Roover, Frank & Robbert Robbert & Frank, Lieven Segers,... Rotterdam (NL) (performance)


    2014                        Les Nageuses, BORG a biennial event for contemporary art in Borgerhout, Antwerp (performance)




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