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  1. Myrthe van der Mark’s practice is best described as a dynamic performance-collage founded on improvisation and associative leaps. Her research, in various mediums, aims to discover what it is like to shape oneself and what it means to be human. From a broader perspective: how do the possibilities that performance opens up intersect with other disciplines? A discrete perspective on practice, foregrounding, concept and language. A gesture that derives from direct experience and alludes to absence and presence. On the ability to sense things before they hit you. Predominantly visual, ephemeral, direct, figurative language of gestures and movement.


    Myrthe van der Mark (1989, NL) went to The Institute of Performative Arts - Toneeacademie Maastricht (NL), where she recently became a Master of Arts. In 2015 she studied 1 year of Drama - Directing at the RITCS in Brussels (BE). In 2012 she obtained her degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts at ArtEZ, University of the Arts in Arnhem (NL). With her performance 'L'Air' she became first laureate of Art Contest 2020. In 2020/2021 she is resident at Zuidpool, Frans Masereel Centrum, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Het Bos, C-Takt, School van Gaasbeek, and receives support from The Flemish Government, Stichting Niemeijer Fonds and Otty Park. She had her first soloshow << Time flies like an arow; fruit flies like a banana >> at 10N - temporary artspace in Brussels - in april 2021. 


    CMMC performs self-invented cognitive constructions, always with a latent sense of humor. Their intensity is translated in very long performances (up to twelve hours), that have evolved over the seven years of their existence from working on quickly alternating emotions, text recitation and lengthly synchronized movements, to more stylized conceptual responses to the invitations they receive. The pieces often bring about an almost trance-like state in the performers. CMMC performed in galleries and at art fairs internationally in Hamburg, Manchester, Rotterdam and in Antwerp (MHKA, Trampoline gallery), Leuven (Museum M, Ithaka), Ghent (Kunstencentrum Vooruit), and Brussels (Poppositions).